On December 1, 2016, Texas Governor's office commissioned Sophia Strother a 'Yellow Rose of Texas' for her efforts with Empowerment Driven by Knowledge Coalition (a non profit she founded in 2008). This is a result of her tireless efforts to raise awareness around domestic violence and sexual abuse and co-founding Juneteenth Family Fun Day in Waco, the largest celebration of African American freedom and accomplishments in Central Texas drawing over 5,000 annually. "The Yellow Rose of Texas Award" is given only through the Office of the Governor to recognize women for their significant contributions to Texas. 


Sophia I’m Back by Sophia A. Strother chronicles the author’s own traumatic plight and offers guidance on overcoming personal struggle.  Sophia I’m Back by Sophia A. Strother aims to inspire others to live and love more fully by telling the author’s own story of how she was able to move on with her life after facing child sexual abuse, drug-addicted parents to being homeless and pregnant by age 15.

Taking My Life Back by Sophia A. Strother is a 9 week guide based on her book.  This course is designed to allow you to gain perspective of yourself and your circumstance.  The main goal will be to allow yourself to see that the two (you & your circumstance) operate separate that you are not defined or identified solely on your circumstance.

Strother intends to educate and help others to rise above troubled pasts by discussing the facts and myths surrounding abuse, signs of abuse for parents to look for in their children, national statistics and poetry from the heart of a survivor.

"I’m now the voice for all of the unheard whispers that are present in a lot of these smaller communities that don’t get national attention but are dealing with national issues.”  

by Sophia A Strother, MBA
Empowering People. Enhancing Communities.