About Sophia

New book follows woman’s triumph over abuse.

Sophia I’m Back by Sophia A. Strother chronicles the author’s own traumatic plight and offers guidance on overcoming personal struggle.

Sophia I’m Back by Sophia A. Strother aims to inspire others to live and love more fully by telling the author’s own story of how she was able to move on with her life after facing abuse and adversity.

Strother has endured much in her life—from sexual abuse and drug-addicted parents to being homeless and pregnant at 15. As an adult, Strother has struggled with and overcome her past demons and built a life and career around helping others. Sophia I’m Back is the author’s story of how she was able to remedy her past hurts, disappointments and tragedies. With this book, Strother intends to educate and help others to rise above troubled pasts by discussing the facts and myths surrounding abuse, signs of abuse for parents to look for in their children, national statistics and poetry from the heart of a survivor.

Strother was inspired to turn her negative experiences into a positive influence after watching a documentary on Oprah Winfrey as a teenager. “I refuse to be another statistic,” says Strother. With support from public advocates like Coach Ken Carter, star of 2005 Paramount Film featuring Samuel L. Jackson, and Martin Luther King III, Strother has become an activist for struggling families and communities throughout Central Texas and shares the wisdom of her success in Sophia I’m Back.

"I’m now the voice for all of the unheard whispers that are present in a lot of these smaller communities that don’t get national attention but are dealing with national issues.”  

Her life has come full circle - once the victim of abuse by the hands of men – she’s now worked with Austin ISD, Travis County Juvenile Detention/Probation, TX Dept. Criminal Justice and Bridges to Life Prison Ministry helping to heal those who are broken, start on a path of internal love with external success as a result.