Sophia has over 15 years’ experience in leading grassroot efforts, team leadership, event coordination, fundraising and promoting domestic violence/sexual awareness campaigns.

Sophia is an ardent community leader with an eye for improving the daily lives of individuals. She provides an atmosphere that allows women and men to ‘catch their breath’ and ‘learn to exhale’ during community events, training or private coaching sessions that are focused on breaking the cycle of domestic violence, sexual assault and/or unaddressed trauma.

Sophia focuses on strategies and discussion platforms that aid with effective healing practices and collaborations that help break the cycle of abuse. She works very closely with professionals in from various industries to build healthy alliances with thriving survivors and the effective ‘Learning to Exhale’ restoration philosophy that aids with policy, prevention and intervention measures.

Who Is Sophia A. Strother?
Sophia is first and foremost a survivor and overcomer. She is also an entrepreneur, community advocate, and an inspirational speaker. Her goal is to empower others who are victims of domestic, sexual abuse and trafficking. She doesn’t just want to help those who survive it, she wants to help to put an end to it.

She does this by engaging with all level of survivors – the ones who witness the abuse, the ones who are abused, and the ones who are affected by a generation of abuse. She takes it a step further and shares her story and engages with those who have perpetrated abuse, in the hope they will be inspired to change their behaviors.  This is the true form of breaking the cycle of abuse.  She has spoken to audiences of all ages and in various settings.

Sophia is a doctoral candidate at Liberty University focusing on Public Policy - diving into the intersectionality of race and sexual trauma. She holds an MBA in Marketing and BSBA in Business Management from American International College. She is the CEO of L2E Industries, Trustworthy Consulting and Learning to Exhale Restoration Strategies. She’s certified as a Crisis Intervention Specialist, Mental Health First Aid Responder, and Advocate. Simply put Sophia is a survivor thriving, restoration strategist, national advocate, and inspirational speaker.

by Sophia A Strother, MBA
Breaking Cycles. Restoring Lives.