One year ago Baylor University Focus Magazine did a feature article on Zavier and his journey of being the ultimate 'Comeback Kid'. He's on this cover of the Nov. 2012 magazine with the theme 'PASSION', and in it they talk about Zavier's many obstacles in his past how he's survived breaking his neck, being fatherless, being a teenage parent and dropping out of school. This article led to Zavier reviving his passion for wanting to get his life together and being the man, I as his mom, always knew he could be. Here we are 12 months later and Zavier will be on the path to attain his diploma and go to college. I'm so proud that he decided not to be on the negative side of statistics for young parents and minority men.   I'm asking for help in paying for his education. Normally I'm raising funds for other organizations and community causes now my son is the cause and I'm determined to do everything to give him a chance. So I thank everyone who has pledged, prayed and sent words of encouragement for Zavier. A special Thank you to Baylor University for choosing him to feature as this was a step in his journey that's leading to him turning his life around.
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