Empowerment Driven by Knowledge has become a non-profit multidisciplinary cultural arts organization dedicated to producing a wide range of cultural, educational, and artistic programming geared toward those affected by domestic violence/sexual abuse, rebuilding communities one family at a time and celebration of the African Heritage within Waco and Central Texas.

OUR VISION is to be the premier producer of cultural programs across disciplines that celebrate the richness of African American culture and history, showcase the voices of abuse survivors through contemporary creative mediums, and connect to social activism to significantly contribute to the quality of life of all residents in Waco and Central Texas.


PROVIDE a voice and community resources for those affected by sexual abuse, domestic violence, social inequity and nontraditional households.

DEVELOP leaders by EMPOWERING, ENCOURAGING and ENLIGHTENMENT provoking change one family at a time.

SUPPORT and assist emerging voices through artistic expression via dance, drama, instrumental music, vocal music, media and visual arts.

HOST quality performances and exhibitions celebrating people of African Heritage while informing new generations of their roots in history here and abroad through music, dance, theater, visual art, film, arts education programs, literature and community outreach.

PROMOTE and foster the rich and diverse cultural arts perspective of people of African heritage. Click below to see some of our events since 2009.