Trustworthy Consulting

"If you have an IDEA.  We have a PLAN!"

We specialize in custom fitting seminars, workshops and consulting plans to your needs.  We have worked with over countless ministries, nonprofits and businesses to create opportunities for professional development, successful capital campaigns, inspirational forums and marketing/business strategies.

Here are some of our trainings/workshops:
Educators:  Identify & Empathize w/ Youth in Crisis
Ministry is a business - Business to save SOULS
Better Boards = Accomplished Mission
Taking My Life Back 9 Week Program
Thriving Not Just Surviving - Life after Abuse

Consulting Services:
Community/Event Organizer & Promoter
Organization Spokesperson/PR Specialist
Facilitator / Youth Crisis Specialist
501c3 Application Assistance
Federal/State Income Tax Preparation
Self Employment -The Do's & Don'ts
Professional Development Trainer
Marketing & Fundraising Plans/ Grant writer
Will & Medical Proxy Assistance


"Taking My Life Back" is a 9 week guide based on my book "Sophia I'm Back'.  This course is designed to allow you to gain perspective of yourself and your circumstance.  The main goal will be to allow yourself to see that the two (you & your circumstance) operate separate that you are not defined or identified solely on your circumstance.  By the end of this course you’ll have the keys needed to change your mindset and take your life back so you can walk toward your true purpose in life.  Surviving is a journey that has to be walked daily and by knowing where you stand and where you need to go will allow you to have the appropriate attitude to succeed.

Curriculum was taught in the 
following areas:
Austin ISD 
Travis Cty Juvenile Dept.
Phoenix House, Austin TX